Australia Post 4-state Barcode

This Symbology is also known as Australian 4-state postal barcode, Australia Post Customer Barcode

This Symbology is used by Australia Post for Postal code and automatic mail sorting. Australia Post has chosen the 4-State Barcode, a derivation that is already used successfully by other postal administrations. It comprises four types of bars (the four states), each of which has a distinct name, value and barcode symbol.

4-State Barcode Bars

Sample of an Australia Post 4-State Barcode
This Symbology comes in several versions:
Short Name Proper Name FCC code Structure (# bars)
37-CUST "Standard Customer Barcode" ("Customer Barcode 1") FCC = 11 DPID (16)
37-REPL "Reply Paid Barcode" FCC = 45 dto.
37-ROUT "Routing Barcode" FCC = 87 dto.
37-REDI "Redirection Barcode" FCC = 92 dto.
52-FF-MET "Customer Barcode 2" FCC = 59 DPID (16) + CustInfo (16)
67-FF-MET "Customer Barcode 3" FCC = 62 DPID (16) + CustInfo (31)
67-FF-MAN (reserved) FCC = 44 dto.
The value to encode has the following structure:
Barcode Professional implements C Encoding Table which allows you to encode Customer Information consisting of:

How to create Australia Post 4-state barcodes using Barcode Professional

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In order to get an Australia Post 4-State barcode image, please follow these steps:
Australia Post 4-State barcode images generated based on some values of point 3
Code property = 1139987520 will produce the following barcode image:
Code property = 5956439111ABA 9 will produce the following barcode image:
Code property = 6243289421CAM Num 20 will produce the following barcode image: