GS1 DataBar Limited (Formerly RSS Limited - Reduced Space Symbology) barcode

This Symbology is also known as GS1 DataBar-14 Limited, RSS Limited, Reduced Space Symbology Limited

GS1 DataBar Family of bar codes
GS1 DataBar (formerly Reduced Space Symbols or RSS) symbols can identify small items and carry more information than the current EAN/UPC barcode (GS1 DataBar symbols will not necessarily replace EAN/UCC bar codes, as it will be left to the brand owner - the party responsible for specifying package design - to decide). GS1 DataBar enables GTIN identification for hard-to-mark products like fresh foods, jewelry and do-it-yourself hardware products and can carry GS1 Application Identifiers (AI) such as serial numbers, lot numbers, and expiration dates. This creates the opportunity for solutions supporting product authentication and traceability, product quality and effectiveness, variable measure product identification, and couponing.

GS1 DataBar is a family of linear barcode symbologies used within the GS1 System. There are three types of GS1 DataBar symbols, two of which have a number of versions optimized for different application requirements.

GS1 DataBar Limited
GS1 DataBar Limited encodes the Element String AI (01), which is based on the GTIN-12, GTIN-8, GTIN-13, or GTIN-14 Data Structures, in a linear barcode symbol for use on small items that will not be scanned in an omnidirectional scanning environment. GS1 DataBar Limited is capable of encoding 4000000000000 (4 x 10 ^ 12) numbers values. These values are expressed as digits called Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs). NOTE: The leading (01) is the implied application identifier (AI) and is not encoded in the symbol. The last digit, which is a check digit, is not directly encoded in the barcode.

Sample of a GS1 DataBar Limited/RSS Limited Barcode

How to create GS1 DataBar Limited/RSS Limited barcodes using Barcode Professional

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In order to get a GS1 DataBar Limited/RSS Limited barcode image, please follow these steps:
Example of GS1 DataBar Limited/RSS Limited barcode images
Code property = 0061414199999 will produce the following barcode image: