HIBC PAS 39 Barcode

This Symbology is also known as HIBCC PAS, HIBC Provider Applications Standard, HIBC Provider Applications Standard Barcode, HIBC PAS Barcode, HIBC PAS Data Structure, HIBC PAS Single Data Structure, HIBC PAS Split Data Field, HIBC PAS Multiple Data Field (Concatenated), HIBC PAS Code 39, HIBC Health Care Services Provider Barcode

The HIBC PAS (Provider Applications Standard) is used by Providers of health care services for identification purpose. Providers can encode two kind of information for data structures which are described as "Where" (meaning where the data structure is located i.e. "where it is or what it is on") and "What" (meaning the nature of the data structure i.e. "what it is"). Providers can encode a given Data Structure by using one of the three HIBC PAS formats, depending on the length of the data structure and the available space to represent it. These formats may combine two or more data fields or may split data fields.

The HIBC PAS Data Structures are represented by a variant of Code 39 barcode.
HIBC PAS Single Data Structure
The HIBC PAS Single Data Structure format encodes:
HIBC PAS Split Data Fields Data Structure
If the length of the data field requires that a dual data structure ("split") format be used, encodation should be performed using the following formats:
HIBC PAS Multiple Data Fields (Concatenated) in One Symbol
The data structure may contain more than one type of data when they share the same "where" flag. If this is the case, the fields are separated by slash (/) characters, and the first character in each field is defined as "what" the data is.

The HIBC PAS Multiple Data Fields format encodes:

Sample of a HIBC PAS 39 Barcode for Single Data Structure

How to create HIBC PAS 39 barcodes using Barcode Professional

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In order to get a HIBC PAS 39 barcode image, please follow these steps:
How to encode Single Data Structure
You can encode Single Data Structure by just passing to Barcode Professional the "Where" Flag Character + "What" Flag Character + 1 to 15 alphanumeric characters for Data
Example of encoding Single Data Structure
How to encode Split Data Fields
Barcode Professional provides an easy data format for encoding Split Data Fields Structure.
How to encode Multiple Data Fields in One Symbol
For encoding Multiple Data Fields Data in one symbol, the following format must be used:
The / (slash) character is used as separator between all data structures.
Example of encoding Multiple Data Fields in One Symbol
Example of HIBC PAS 39 barcodes