Italian Post 25 Barcode

This Symbology is also known as Italian Post ITF 2/5, PosteItaliane Registered Mail Barcode, PosteItaliane ITF

The Italian Post 25 barcode is used by Italian Post Office (PosteItaliane) in Registered Items product; a service providing legal certification of delivery and proving that items have been sent. Particularly useful for participation in public tenders or competitions, as well as for administrative and legal purposes. The Italian Post 25 is based on Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF) standard.

The data content of the Italian Post 25 barcode is 11-digit number and a 1-digit checksum which can be automatically calculated and encoded by Barcode Professional if needed.

Sample of an Italian Post 25 Barcode

How to create Italian Post 25 barcodes using Barcode Professional

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In order to get an Italian Post 25 barcode image, please follow these steps:
Example of an Italian Post 25 barcode image
Code property = 12652325871 will produce the following barcode image: