Kodak Patch Code Information

Also known as Kodak Code, Kodak Path Barcode

Kodak Patch Code Information is a pattern of parallel, alternating black bars and spaces that is printed on a document. Kodak INnovation Series Scanners which have patch reading capability can recognize patch documents and automatically assign a document image level, increment the document image address, or perform "Color on the Fly" functionality.
Kodak Patch Code provides six different patterns: The next Patch Types (1, 4 and 6) can be used by the host for post-scan image control for the i800 Series Scanners (they are not used for image addressing). The Toggle Patch may be used to switch back and forth from bi-tonal and color scanning for the i280, 3590C Scanners and the i600 and i800 Series Scanners. This provides Color on the Fly during capture, with no need for post-scan processing by the host application.

How to create Kodak Patch Code Information barcodes using Barcode Professional

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In order to get a Kodak Patch Code barcode image, please follow these steps:

Example of Kodak Patch Code barcode image

Code property = 2 will produce the following barcode image for Kodak Patch 2 Code: