Micro PDF417 Barcode

This Symbology is also known as Micro Portable Data File 417, Micro PDF 417, MicroPDF417

MicroPDF417 is a multi-row symbology which may be utilized by applications needing to encode a moderate amount of data in a two-dimensional (2D) symbol (up to 150 bytes, 250 alphanumeric characters, or 366 numeric digits), and when minimizing symbol size is a primary concern. MicroPDF417 is based on PDF417 standard. MicroPDF417, unlike PDF417, may only be printed in certain defined combinations of rows, columns, and error correction codewords, up to a maximum of four data columns by 44 rows.

The data is encoded using one of three compaction modes: Text compaction mode, Binary compaction mode, and Numeric compaction mode.
Barcode Professional products support the following MicroPDF417 Compaction modes
Micro PDF417 Versions
MicroPDF417 symbols conform to certain predefined combinations of numbers of rows, columns, and number of error-correction codewords.
Micro PDF417 Error Correction
Each MicroPDF417 symbol contains at least seven error correction codewords. The Error Correction codewords provide capability for both error detection and correction. The number of error correction codewords for a MicroPDF417 symbol is fixed for each symbol version.
Structured Append
MicroPDF417 uses the Macro PDF417 mechanism for Structured Append. This mechanism allows files of data to be represented logically and consecutively in a number of MicroPDF417 symbols. Up to 99 999 different MicroPDF417 symbols can be so linked or concatenated and be scanned in any sequence to enable the original data file to be correctly reconstructed.

Sample of a Micro PDF417 Barcode

How to create Micro PDF417 barcodes using Barcode Professional

Note: Please refer to the Class Reference documentation for more information about the properties and methods stated in this document.
In order to get a Micro PDF417 barcode image, please follow these steps:
Example of a single Micro PDF417 barcode image

Code property = ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890 and BarRatio property = 4 and MicroPdf417Version property = V4X10 and Pdf417CompactionType property = Auto will produce the following barcode image:

Example of a Structured Appended Micro PDF417 barcode image