PLANET Barcode

This Symbology is also known as USPS PLANET Barcode, USPS Confirm Service Barcode

USPS Confirm service allows mailers to uniquely identify and track mail by placing an additional barcode, known as a PLANET Code, on the front of letter and flat mailpieces. The PLANET Code is a 12 -or 14- digit barcode - a “two-state” barcode similar in structure to the POSTNET Code address barcode used by mail processing equipment to sort the mail.
PLANET Codes consist of a series of tall and short bars. PLANET Code digit Symbology is the inverse of POSTNET Code digit Symbology; each POSTNET Code digit uses a combination of two tall and three short bars; each PLANET Code digit uses three tall and two short bars. PLANET Codes must begin and end with one long "framing bar".
All PLANET Codes include a check-sum digit or correction character. This digit must always be the single-digit number (i.e., 0–9) which, when added to the sum of the other digits in the barcode, results in a whole number that is a multiple of 10.
Depending on the type of Confirm mail, mailers must choose the appropriate PLANET Code format:
Destination Confirm PLANET Code Format
The Destination Confirm PLANET Code consists of the following elements:
Mailers should use the PLANET Code in combination with the delivery point POSTNET Code to identify mailpieces uniquely.
Service Type IDs for Destination Confirm service:
Origin Confirm PLANET Code Format
The Origin Confirm PLANET Code consists of the following elements:
For Origin Confirm service, the Postal Service identifies the Confirm subscriber by the POSTNET Code preprinted on the reply mailpiece.
Service Type IDs for Origin Confirm service:

How to create USPS PLANET barcodes using Barcode Professional

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