USPS Intelligent Mail / OneCode 4-State Customer Barcode

This Symbology is also known as Intelligent Mail, OneCode 4CB, USPS 4CB, 4-CB, 4-State Customer Barcode, USPS OneCode Solution Barcode, USPS IM

Intelligent Mail Barcode (formerly OneCode 4-State Customer Barcode 4-CB) is the next generation in the evolution of USPS barcode technology. It does not replace existing barcodes - it offers a more effective alternative. Partnering with the Mailing Industry, the Postal Service developed the Intelligent Mail which increases the amount of information carried on letter and flats mail pieces and allows for expanded tracking capability, creating greater visibility into the mailstream.

Intelligent Mail is a height-modulated barcode using four distinct, vertical bar types. It encodes a 31-digit string into 65 vertical bars each representing one of four possible states: full bar, ascender, tracker, and descender.

4-State Barcode Bars
Intelligent Mail carries a payload 31 digits comprised of the following elements.
Type Field Digits
Tracking Code Barcode Identifier 2 (2nd digit must be 04)
Service Type Identifier 3
Mailer Identifier 6 or 9
Serial Number 9 (when used with 6 digit Mailer ID)
6 (when used with 9 digit Mailer ID)
Routing Code Delivery Point ZIP Code 0, 5, 9, or 11
Table 1 USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode Data Fields
For each of the fields in Table 1, except the Routing Code, leading or trailing zeros shall be provided to achieve the correct size. Spaces and nulls are not acceptable characters for padding. For ZIP Codes, which have one of four lengths, encoding shall provide padding beyond the digits to be encoded. No error detection and correction, such as a checksum with POSTNET or PLANET, shall be included as part of the data fields. The Intelligent Mail Barcode Data Fields are described as follows:

Sample of a USPS Intelligent Mail barcode

How to create USPS Intelligent Mail barcodes using Barcode Professional

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In order to get a USPS Intelligent Mail barcode image, please follow these steps:
USPS OneCode 4-State Customer barcode images generated based on the values of point 3
Code property = 34160265194042788110 will produce the following barcode image:
Code property = 9002580053457430457568477 will produce the following barcode image:
Code property = 91562578054046449955601201455 will produce the following barcode image:
Code property = 0445031376985619365776725552439 will produce the following barcode image: