USPS Intelligent Mail Container Barcode

This Symbology is also known as USPS IM Container Barcode, IM Container Barcode

The Intelligent Mail Container barcode is used by USPS on mailer-generated pallet labels to uniquely identify pallets and similar containers (i.e. All Purpose Containers, hampers, pallet boxes, etc.) in addition to identifying the mail owner.

Two distinct data constructs are permitted. Both formats are 21-characters in length and will require mailers to encode their respective USPS-assigned 6- or 9-digit Mailer ID. The length of the mailerís Mailer ID (6 or 9 digits) will dictate which format to follow.
6-digit Mailer ID Barcode Format:
9-digit Mailer ID Barcode Format:

Sample of a USPS Intelligent Mail Container Barcode

How to create USPS Intelligent Mail Container Barcode using Barcode Professional

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In order to get a USPS Intelligent Mail Container Barcode image, please follow these steps:
USPS OneCode 4-State Customer barcode images generated based on the values of point 3
Code property = 99M123456-----ABC1234 will produce the following barcode image: