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Welcome to our Help Documentation Center. These help documentations are the same that you get when downloading a copy of our products. Click on each link below to browse the help doc in HTML format or click on to download an offline version in CHM format.

Barcode Professional


  SDK for .NET Windows

  for Windows Form

  for WPF

  for ASP.NET (MVC & WebForms)

  for Reporting Services (SSRS)

  for XAML WinRT

  for Silverlight

  for Windows Phone

  for .NET CF

Barcode Reader
Detect & Decode Barcode Images

  SDK for .NET
Design &Print Barcode Thermal Labels

  SDK for .NET & Visual Label Editor Add-on

Raw Data Printing for Websites

  for ASP.NET Core

  for ASP.NET (Web Forms & MVC)

  for PHP

Dynamic Image Composition

  SDK for .NET

  for ASP.NET

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