Barcode Professional for Reporting Services

Generate & Print High-Quality GS1-ISO-Compliance Barcodes & 2D in Reporting Services (SSRS)

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Key Features

  Linear, Postal, MICR & 2D Barcode Symbologies
  SSRS 2022, 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008/R2, 2005
  Server Reports (RDL) & Local Reports (RDLC) Support
  Visual Studio, SQL Data Tools & BIDS
  Get barcodes in PDF, Excel, Word, TIFF & MHT
SSRS 2022   SSRS 2019   SSRS 2017   SSRS 2016   SSRS 2014   SSRS 2012   SSRS 2008 & R2   SSRS 2005

Barcode CRI for Reporting Services (SSRS)

Barcode Professional for Reporting Services (SSRS) is the most advanced Barcode CRI that allows you to create high-quality & high-precision GS1-AIM-ISO-Compliance barcodes for your RDL reports within Visual Studio, SQL Server Data Tools or BIDS.

Easily Embed & Print Linear (1D), Postal, Component Composite, MICR & 2D Barcodes including Code 39, Code 128, GS1-128, GS1 DataBar (RSS-14), EAN 13 & UPC, Postal (USPS, British Royal Mail, Mailmark, Australia Post, DHL, FedEx, Japan, Korea), Data Matrix, QR Code, rMQR, PDF 417, Aztec Code, UPS MaxiCode, Chinese Han Xin Code, 2D DotCode, IFA PPN, Swiss-QRCode, JAB-Code Multicolored 2D Matrix, 2D-Pharmacode, MICR E-13-B Characters, all EAN/UPC Composite Barcodes (CC-A, CC-B & CC-C) and many more barcode standards

Rehrig Pacific Company (USA)

"Was in need of putting BarCodes in SSRS, NeoDynamic's Barcode Professional works perfect, extremely easy to setup and use. Couldn't be happier with choosing this product."

Seamless Integration

VS, BIDS & SQL Data Tools

Embed a visual barcode CRI directly from VS, BIDS & SQL Server Data Tools toolbox if you have SQL Server Standard, Enterprise, Business or Datacenter editions. Easily customize the barcode using the built-in "Barcode Builder" feature. Preview, print and test barcodes right from your dev box. Current supported tools:
VS 2022  VS 2019  VS 2017   VS 2015   VS 2013   VS 2012   VS 2008   VS 2005   BIDS   SSDT

Full SSRS Editions Support

Some SSRS Editions like Express, Workgroup & Web lack of support for third-party visual CRI components. Our product addresses this limitation by providing out-of-the-box a Barcode DLL which works with all editions of Reporting Services!

Easy to Dev & Deploy

For development, a wizard-style assistant guides you with the correct installation process. For deployment, a simple XCOPY approach is sufficient to get it up and running.

Getting Barcodes Right

GS1-AIM-ISO/IEC Compliance

Our barcode algorithms were written by following the official specifications - published by GS1, ISO/IEC & AIM - of each barcode symbology. This ensures you that the generated barcodes will pass the verification process required by many companies like those in the postal, health, food and many other sectors.

Accurate & Advanced

Our barcode engine provides you with an exclusive set of features like auto-checksum, data validation, Bar Width Adjustment (BWA) for linear & 2D symbols, auto-encoding methods for shortest barcode symbol generation and more; that only a Barcode Expert company can offer.

Avoid Barcode Font Headaches

Barcode Professional for SSRS is a graphic-based engine that renders high-quality & high-precision barcodes in PNG, JPEG, BMP & GIF formats.

Generally speaking, there are many reasons why you should not use a barcode fontware in your projects. To those reasons, we can add these others when using a barcode font with Reporting Services:

Complex Deployment. You need to be sure that each client machine viewing the report will have the barcode font installed!
Barcode is missing when exporting your reports to PDF, Word or Excel. The barcode will not be displayed if the client machine does not have the barcode font installed.

Create Artistic Barcodes

Create customized barcodes by stamping logos or pictures on symbols as well as specifying an image for filling the bars or dots!
Artistic Barcodes with logo & fill patterns

Create Artistic QR Codes with Custom Shape Patterns!

In addition to stamp images on barcode symbols, the ArtModuleShape and ArtFinderShape properties allow you to customize the QR Code modules and finders!

ArtFinderShape Patterns

ArtFinderShape-Rect ArtFinderShape-RoundRect ArtFinderShape-Circle

ArtModuleShape Patterns

ArtModuleShape-Rect ArtModuleShape-Circle ArtModuleShape-Dot ArtModuleShape-Diamond ArtModuleShape-ZebraVertical ArtModuleShape-ZebraHorizontal

QR Code Samples by combining the patterns...

QR-RoundRect-Dot QR-RoundRect-Circle QR-RoundRect-ZebraHorizontal QR-Rect-Diamond QR-Circle-ZebraVertical

Barcode Pioneer in SSRS platform. Our Trajectory & Know-How

Neodynamic Barcode Professional for SSRS was the first barcode graphic-based component targeting the first release of RS i.e. SSRS 2000. In 2005 our product was included in the MS official Component Partners for Reporting Services. A few months later, MS released SSRS 2005 and our product was again the first barcode visual CRI that was mentioned by Brian Welcker (former SSRS Group Program Manager). Since then; we have been improving our product by adding support to more barcode symbologies as well as newer version of Reporting Services.

Why to choose us?

By choosing our product you get an accurate barcode solution as well as best-in-class support from a barcode expert company with strong know-how on RS platform.

Hunter Douglas (Poland)

"We are using Neodynamic Barcode Professional for SSRS on daily basis for almost a year now. It is a very good tool which makes our work easier every day. Other companies from our group also started to use it. Before choosing this solution we have tested some other products and surely Neodynamic is the best!"