.NET Imaging Made Easy!

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Key Features

  Create Dynamic Composite Images right from .NET
  50+ Imaging Effects out-of-the-box
  Rich Text, WordArt, AutoShapes, Pictures and more!
  Handle SQL BLOB & XML Base64 Images
  XML Template Composite Image Format
END OF SERVICE LIFE This software product will not be updated any more. Support is currently limited to bug fixes and it will end on 31st December 2019.

Advanced Imaging Tool for VB.NET & C#

ImageDraw SDK for .NET is an advanced Imaging class library that you can use in your .NET projects for any graphic-related task. With ImageDraw you can merge things like images, photos or pictures, text like captions and watermarks, stylized texts a.k.a. WordArt, and AutoShapes such as lines and arrows, rectangles, ovals, polygons, stars, callouts (a.k.a. speech bubbles), paths, and more!

ImageDraw provides out-of-the-box 50+ of well-know Imaging Effects like drop shadows, glass-table reflections, perspective & camera views, Polaroid, filmstrip, scaling, resizing, skewing, tint, grayscale, sepia.

ImageDraw was designed for .NET developers and it is easy to use by providing an intuitive & simple object model.

A Canvas to Mix Pictures, Rich Text, Auto-shapes & many more!

Images, Pictures & Photos

ImageDraw SDK supports Images, Pictures & Photos

The ImageElement wraps an image, picture or photo. Those images can be acquired from several sources such as a URL or path file, Base64 string, byte array, SQL BLOB, Stream or System.Drawing.Image object. The supported Source Image formats are GIF, JPG/JPEG, BMP, TIFF, ICO, WMF, EMF & PNG.

Rich Text & WordArt Style

ImageDraw SDK supports Rich Text & WordArt style

TextElement renders Unicode text with basic formatting. TextElement are useful for drawing custom captions, outlined text & watermarks.
RichTextElement renders rich text by mixing words in different fonts, sizes, capitalizations, foreground colors, etc.
WordArtElement renders stylized texts with special effects featuring gradient color fills and shaping.


ImageDraw SDK supports auto-shapes

The ShapeElement-derived classes render preset shapes like rectangles, ovals, lines, arrows, stars, polygon, callouts (a.k.a. speech bubbles) and paths. AutoShapes support imaging effects, text inside them with padding feature, border roundness, dashed patterns, and more!

Apply 50+ Built-in Imaging Effects on any Element object!

Greatly enhance the appearance of your images, pictures & photos by applying any of the 50+ impressive built-in ready to use Actions

Built-in ImageDraw SDK Actions - Imaging Effects

Some of the ImageDraw SDK built-in imaging effects (Actions)

You are free to apply one or more imaging effects on any Element objects -ImageElement, TextElement, WordArtElement, ShapeElement & RichTextElement- to get amazing nice looking outputs like these:

Polaroid + PerspectiveShadow

Polaroid + PerspectiveShadow

Polaroid + DropShadow

Polaroid + DropShadow

ConvertToSepia + Filmstrip + PerspectiveShadow

ConvertToSepia + Filmstrip + PerspectiveShadow

Filmstrip + GlassTable (Reflection)

Filmstrip + GlassTable (Reflection)

Handle most common Image Formats easily

Output High-Quality Images

Easily create composite images with ImageDraw and render or save them as high-quality (DPI) outputs. The output image formats supported are PNG, JPEG/JPG, TIFF, BMP & GIF.

Multipage TIFF Support

ImageDraw can handle multi-page TIFF files allowing you to get access to each of the pages contained in the file.

Get EXIF Metadata

ImageDraw provides an utility that allows you to easily extract and get EXIF tags (like "Camera Manufacturer & Model", "Date and Time", etc.) embedded into JPEG files.

XML Templates

Dynamic Image Composition in plain XML

ImageDraw features XML Template concept i.e. you can instruct an ImageDraw object for exporting/importing the composite image in XML text format. By invoking a simple class method you can get a string representation of the Output Composite Image in XML format allowing you to save it in any kind of data source be it SQL Server Database, file on disk, Stream, etc.