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WebClientPrint solution is licensed per both, Web Apps1 AND Web Servers2
Licensing Sample: if you use our solution in 1 website and you deploy it to 1 server, then 1 WebApp Lic + 1 WebServer lic is sufficient. However, if you deploy that website to 2 servers, then 1 WebApp lic + 2 WebServer lic applies. And so on.
Clients do not need to be licensed! The WCPP Client Utility can be installed on any number of machines without paying any fees!
Your license is PERPETUAL and will not expire!
Your purchase includes Free Updates for 1-year term!
Unlimited licenses are available at a special price. Just select Unlimited option in the Qty drop down box below.
Additional licenses can be acquired later too. Please contact us to get a quote.
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WebClientPrint 6.0 for PHP - Web App License 1 $9990 USD $9990 USD
WebClientPrint 6.0 for PHP - Web Server License 2 $9990 USD $9990 USD
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Remember that your License is PERPETUAL and will not expire! Subscription is totally OPTIONAL!
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TOTAL $19980 USD
1 A Web App refers to the website(s) that uses the WebClientPrint.php file.
2 A Web Server refers to the server(s) (physical, virtual, cloud instance/function, etc) where the website(s)1 is(are) hosted/executed in.

For further licensing details please refer to the EULA (End User License Agreement)

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