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TLClientPrint Utility is part of ThermalLabel SDK for .NET and allows you to print labels from ASP.NET WebSites to Client Printers.

TLClientPrint for Windows
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NOTE: Browser needs to be restarted after package installation!

The installer package is digitally-signed with a Windows Authenticode Certificate issued by DigiCert, Inc. Install the package only if the Publisher is Neodynamic SRL; otherwise contact us.

System Requirements .NET Framework
 .NET Framework 4.6.1+

 Windows 7
 Windows 8.x (Desktop-mode)
 Windows 10

 Internet Explorer 9+ (Note: IE10/11 in Desktop Mode)
 Microsoft Edge
 Mozilla Firefox 2.0+
 Google Chrome 11+
 Opera 9.0+
 Safari 3.0+

Version History

  • Main Release (2019-06-24)
    TLClientPrint.exe patched to v9.0.0.0
    • New! Main release for ThermalLabel SDK 9.0

  • Maintenance Release (2019-06-21)
    TLClientPrint.exe patched to v8.0.19.621
    • Fixed! TextItem rendering error: Value cannot be Null. Parameter name: typeface.

  • Maintenance Release (2019-03-05)
    TLClientPrint.exe patched to v8.0.19.301
    • Improved! Moved TLClientPrint.ini to Application Data folder.

  • Maintenance Release (2019-02-07)
    TLClientPrint.exe patched to v8.0.19.205
    • Fixed! TLClientPrint failed to print ThermalLabelGroup collection.
    • Fixed! Printing from ASP.NET CORE apps failed with error "This platform does not allow the automatic selection of an algorithm."

  • Maintenance Release (2019-01-31)
    • Reference Update! TLClientPrint now references Neodynamic.SDK.ThermalLabel.dll v8.0.19.130

  • Maintenance Release (2018-11-26)
    TLClientPrint.exe patched to v8.0.18.1121
    • Improved! TLClientPrint utility now allows printing labels to non-thermal label printers through the new "Print as image" option displayed in the pritn dialog. In addition, we've added Copies and Print Orientation options as well.

Download Older Versions

Installer File Version
 TLClientPrint-7.0.3517.509-win.exe 7.0.3517.509