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Latest Version 13.0 [ What's New? ]

System Requirements   Visual Studio 2017+
  .NET Standard 2.0+
  SkiaSharp 1.60+
  System.Text.Encoding.CodePages 4.4.0+

Direct Download

File Size 8.86 MB

  Download ThermalLabel SDK for .NET

The installer package is digitally-signed with a Windows Authenticode Certificate issued by DigiCert, Inc. Install the package only if the Publisher is Neodynamic; otherwise contact us.

Download & Install from Nuget

To download & install ThermalLabel SDK for .NET, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

# SDK Main Package (Mandatory)
PM> Install-Package Neodynamic.SDK.ThermalLabel

# For Windows Apps Printing (Optional)
PM> Install-Package Neodynamic.SDK.ThermalLabel.WindowsPrinting
# For Windows Apps (.NET CORE) Printing (Optional)
PM> Install-Package Neodynamic.SDK.ThermalLabel.WindowsPrinting.NetCore

# For ASP.NET Printing (Optional)
PM> Install-Package Neodynamic.SDK.ThermalLabel.WebPrinting

# For Unix (macOS / Linux) Printing (Optional)
PM> Install-Package Neodynamic.SDK.ThermalLabel.UnixPrinting
  ThermalLabel SDK for .NET Nuget Package

Download Sample Project (Source Code included)

  ThermalLabel SDK for .NET Standard Samples (GitHub Repo)

Read the Help Doc

  Know How ThermalLabel SDK for .NET Standard Works